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Oil Boilers

At Pat Byrne Plumbing we are experts in the installation, maintenance and repair of oil boiler systems, working with all makes and models. We always advise our customers that prevention is better than a cure, so it is important to schedule regular maintenance to ensure your oil boiler is in optimum condition which, in turn, will reduce your heating bills.

An annual boiler service is recommended to ensure you boiler is in optimum condition.

Our services include:

Oil Boiler Repair

Oil Boiler Service and Maintenance

Oil Boiler Upgrades

Oil Boiler Replacements

Oil Boiler Installations

Power Flushing

Installation of Heating Controls for Your Oil Boiler

Do you need an oil boiler installation, maintenance or repair service? Contact us for a free quote.

Oil Boiler Repairs

No matter how well maintained your boiler is, there is always a chance that some issues will arise which result in the boiler breaking down. Throughout our years in business, we have seen all manner of boiler breakdowns and will be able to effectively diagnose the issue and offer an appropriate solution. At Pat Byrne Plumbing we value our customers and will never overstate or exaggerate an issue in order to inflate costs.

If you boiler is broken down beyond repair, we can also provide an efficient replacement service. If you need an oil boiler repair or replacement in the Limerick area, get in contact with us.

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