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Gas Boilers

Pat Byrne Plumbing is an RGI registered company, meaning we are fully licensed and equipped to carry out installation, maintenance and repair works on gas heating systems. Gas appliances are common throughout many homes and generally receive a lot of use, meaning an annual check-up is essential to ensure they are in optimum condition. As gas can be dangerous, you are legally required to contact an RGI registered contractor to carry out any installation, maintenance or repair works.

At Pat Byrne Plumbing we have a team of highly skilled, fully qualified technicians and engineers and we offer all of our gas boiler services at a competitive price.

If your gas boiler has broken down beyond repair, we are also able to provide a complete replacement service. If you need a gas boiler repair or replacement in the Limerick area, get in contact with us.

Gas Boiler Repairs

Has your gas boiler broken down? We can provide a complete repair service for all types of gas boilers, effectively diagnosing the issue and offering an appropriate solution. For legal reasons as well as health and safety, you are required to contact an RGI contractor for all repair works. At Pat Byrne Plumbing we value our customers and will never overstate or exaggerate an issue in order to inflate costs.

gas boiler
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